Educational outing in the SAC Gorbeia

A field trip to SAC Gorbeia was organised last Saturday 16th March as part of Life Oreka Mendian. The visit had a dual objective. First, to publicise the Life Oreka Mendian project and the actions that are being carried out thanks to it and, second, with the help of Amador Prieto, one of the leading botany experts in the Basque Country, to explain the typical habitats and species in the mountain pastures.

Around 30 people came to Pagomakurre and enjoyed a fantastic educational walk to the tree-free areas of Arraba, where they were told about the values of the mountain prairies and wetlands there, the consequences of the progressive abandonment of the use of these pastures and the problem of the mass collection of daffodils in our mountains and the invasion of the thistle Cirsium eriophorum.

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