The 6th Coordination Session of LIFE OREKA MENDIAN which took place in Derio was attended by more than 70 participants

On Wednesday 27 March, the 6th Coordination Session of LIFE OREKA MENDIAN took place around the topic “CLEARING: where, when and how”. The aim of establishing best practice for carrying out this task in the mountain was of great interest to the experts, livestock farmers, mountain rangers and researchers who attended this event.

Beyond the initiative for combating the progressive change to scrub land and increasing the production of pasture in the Basque mountains, the inclusion of this practice within LIFE OREKA MENDIAN is intended to improve the ecological functionality of the grazing habitats. With this intention, there was discussion of the problem of habitat fragmentation, practical examples of best practices in Cantabria, and monitoring the effectiveness of the execution and maintenance of cleared areas in Navarra and Gorbeia.

In addition, a second part of the work in groups allowed us to understand the opinions of the participants, while collecting valuable material in the form of surveys that will be taken into account in the preparation of the Best Practice for the Conservation of Grazing Habitats Manual planned as part of the project.

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