Itinerary of the photographic exhibition

The photographic exhibition of Oreka Mendian continues its itinerary through the network of park houses in Gipuzkoa. This selection of photographs was in September in Lizarrusti and in October in Arantzazu, visitor centers of the Aralar Natural Park and Aizkorri-Aratz respectively.

From last Friday until the end of the month, the photographic exhibition will be exhibited in the Iturraran parketxe, in Pagoeta, revealing through 30 images the close link and the need to achieve a balance between conservation and exploitation of mountain pastures and between innovation and tradition, so that these valuable habitats do not disappear. The exhibition also includes a video and images of the actions carried out in the Life Oreka Mendian project.

It is planned that during the month of December the exhibition will be in the Anduetza parketxe (again in Aizkorri-Aratz) and finalize its itinerary in January in Arditurri (Aiako harria).

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