NEEMO monitoring visit to the LIFE OREKA MENDIAN project

On June 21st, the partners of the LIFE OREKA MENDIAN project received the visit in Arkaute of Ainhoa Daquistade, from NEEMO, an external company commissioned by EASME to monitor development of the LIFE projects. The day was divided into two parts: in the morning an administrative and technical review was carried out on all of the actions involved in the project at a meeting in Arkaute’s Sala Capilla, and in the afternoon, a field visit was made to some of the actions implemented by the Provincial Council of Alava in 2017 in the Gorbeia Natural Park.

The meeting was attended by all of the project partners (HAZI Fundazioa, Neiker Tecnalia, the three Provincial Councils, Euskal Herriko Laborantza Ganbara, Conservatoire des Espaces Naturels d’Aquitaine and Euromontana), and each one commented on the LIFE OREKA MENDIAN project actions for which they are responsible.

Started in September 2016, a third of the LIFE project duration has now been completed. During this time, important effort has been dedicated to administrative coordination between the partners, as well as to designing the Communication Plan and setting it in motion. The conservation actions are now starting, given that intense preliminary work was required, focussed on planning the actual actions and on establishing the adequate technical conditions for said planning. The participation of local agents, the establishment of networks to monitor the production of pasture, follow-up of the results, use of innovating methodologies and dissemination in Europe, are some of the other outstanding aspects of LIFE OREKA MENDIAN.

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