Educational trips for the Project to Bizkaia Protected Natural Spaces

As part of Life Oreka Mendian, a trip to the countryside was organised on 12th January to visit the Ordunte Special Conservation Area (ZEC Ordunte). The visit had a dual purpose. It was firstly designed to find out about the Life Oreka Mendian Project and the actions being carried out as a result of it. Secondly, with the help of Amador Prieto, one of the leading botanical experts in the Basque Country, the aim was to explain the habitats and species commonly found in the marshes of the Salduero área. A total of 17 people enjoyed this fantastic educational walk.

The experience is going to be repeated on 3rd February in Urkiola and on 16th March in Gorbeia. If you would like to sign up, please call us on 946 814 155 for the Urkiola trip and 946 739 279 for the Gorbeia trip.

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